"If You Are Dieting YOU WILL FAIL!"

Now! Learn the Disturbing Truth About How Dieting Makes You Fatter.   EAT YOUR WAY TO FAT LOSS!

Hi there, I’m Jill Moss—and in this fast paced presentation, I’m going to reveal some “truths” about fat loss that will put all those pseudo “fat burning gurus” to shame and completely shock you by challenging everything you think you know about losing weight!

You’ll learn about an unheard of SECRET, but absolutely ground breaking weight loss solution, that I’ve developed by synthesizing some of the greatest fat loss discoveries ever made! I’ll warn you in advance – what you’re about to hear will completely contradict what you’ve been told by the diet and weight loss industry.

I will teach you-how you can get rid of all the UGLY FAT that is making your life so miserable by EATING THINGS YOU LOVE, whenever and whatever you want. By the end of this presentation, you’ll feel like you have the “Secret Formula” for ELIMINATING FAT – and you will know that you can finally achieve results in your fat-loss efforts – instead of just consistently trying and failing.

  • Regardless of how much extra fat you have…
  • Regardless of how long you’ve been out of shape…
  • Regardless of how little control you have over what you eat…
  • Or how many times you’ve failed to get rid of your unwanted fat in the past…
  • Regardless of how busy you are…
  • Or how “hopeless” you’ve become…

In fact-if you put into action what you’ll learn in this video…
You’ll become the envy of your friends and finally get the ULTIMATE body you desire.
Your self-esteem, confidence and life altogether will take a complete u-turn making you happier than you’ve ever been!

And people will think of you as a success story-instead of someone who has been trying, and failing miserably…
They’ll be left wondering how you EAT everything you like, but KEEP LOSING FAT, and are getting in better shape than even the most health conscious ones among them!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Who the heck is Jill Moss? And why should I listen to her?”
Well—I’m going to tell you a very personal story about how I completely changed my life by getting rid of my biggest pain – my extra fat!

But before I tell you the story of how I got rid of the large chunks of fat I was carrying around with me, you need to know that:
I am not a Doctor!
And I’m not a Certified Dietitian or Nutritionist!
And I am not Scientist!

I’m just a regular person like you – who was absolutely SICK of all the ugly fat that was making life miserable – I was sick of being considered inferior or even abnormal.
So if you’re looking for someone that has a long list of qualifications but has never experienced what it’s like to be FAT – then this presentation is probably not for you.
However, if you’d like to see how a regular person JUST LIKE you, managed to fight obesity ONCE AND FOR ALL – without EVER having to see another day of it – then stay tuned – because you are just a few minutes away from starting your own such journey!

You’ll see how your failed fat loss efforts are NOT YOUR FAULT – but instead are simply not working because you’ve been told the WRONG things about losing fat.
This presentation will literally change your life.

Not too long ago I was – FAT – by even the most lenient definition of the word – and I felt terrible!
I didn’t like the way I looked, I didn’t like the way I felt and was completely frustrated. I didn’t know where to turn. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone because I’d already tried a long list of diets – some of which were extremely strict. I spent countless days in self-deprivation and mostly ate things that I really didn’t enjoy.

The result?
I lost a little bit of weight – but a few weeks later, I was fatter than I was before I started the diet!
And that’s not all – I tried out some very rigorous and intense workouts. I’d wake up 5 in the morning – (yes that’s 5 AM when the sun isn’t even out) – to make my trip to the gym and do laps in the pool. I lost some weight – but I packed it back on again, pretty quickly.

I felt like a complete failure- and it was ESPECIALLY hard because I was failing at something that I was putting a lot of time and effort into.
I was devastated, frustrated and wanted to give up. I felt like I’d be fat for the REST OF MY LIFE. But deep inside, I always knew that there has to be something that works – just because I hadn’t come across it yet – didn’t mean that it didn’t exist. I wanted to give up – but my LIFE was MISERABLE!
I NEEDED a way out!

I began researching the main principles in fat-loss, understanding why our bodies react the way they do to different foods and tested the best ideas I came across to see if any of them would work for me.
I was determined to come up with a solution based on SOLID PROVEN PRINCIPLES – I was sick of trying and failing – so I left no stone unturned and took action on what I learned.

After testing these great ideas individually – I combined them together to make a powerful system.
The result?
I ended up losing 25 POUNDS – without having regained them TO DATE!
Something I’ve never done before…and that’s not even the best part!

I’d done something radically different – something that could very well be considered CONTROVERSIAL in the fat loss industry…because I ATE EVERYTHING I LIKED…I ATE WHENEVER I FELT LIKE IT…Without Starving Myself…I simply didn’t follow any of those painful, but useless, strict diets that EVERYONE tells us too.

I know you are probably wondering if I’ve gone crazy…Or if I’m joking….Well – I’m not – I’ve lost a good 25 pounds by EATING just the way I described earlier…No restrictions on what food I ate – no restrictions on when or how often I ate – and I’d eat till my hunger subsided – that’s right, no starving! How? Well you are about to learn EXACTLY how…
What I’m about to tell you – has been intentionally kept from you for years! Powerful, mega rich companies have made SURE that you don’t get to hear what I am about to tell you. You’re probably wondering why they’d hide this from you, well-here’s why:

You see, we all know being in shape and looking your best affects EVERY area of your life – everything from your social life, love life to career are LARGELY influenced by how you look. Slimming down will do SO MUCH for you:

You’d feel more confident and sexy.
You’d fit easily into your “skinny jeans”
You’d look great in a bathing suit or bikini
You’d be the envy of your friends
You’d have the courage to conquer obstacles in your way with a new found strength, stamina and vitality.
You’d have so much more energy than you do now.
You’d be noticed more by members of the opposite sex.
There are just SO many benefits…

And that is PRECISELY why the 55 billion dollar a year diet and weight loss industry is preying on your fears and emotions. They want your money – not just once – but year after year. So they’ll do everything they can to turn you into a “serial dieter” moving from one failed diet to another! After all, if you succeed they’ll loose a Lifetime customer! And those money hungry, cold blooded big businesses don’t want that.
If you think they have your best interests at heart, its time you think again!

They’ve brainwashed us into believing that fat loss is difficult. Their business makes MASSIVE profits as long as YOU believe that losing weight is really tough and YOU can’t do without their drugs, gadgets and pre-packaged unhealthy meals!
And that’s exactly why I was – and you are – constantly failing!

So once I knew how much these people were profiting from ME FAILING – I was absolutely FURIOUS – and knew there was a BIG SECRET they are hiding from us.
A secret that lets us lose fat without needing them! My research (that I told you about earlier) led me to find that big secret –
I finally discovered – what you are about to learn a few moments from now – the BIG secret of how their lies were not only making me FATTER but also making me give up all the delicious food I LOVE SO MUCH for no reason – whatsoever!

I quickly discovered that food wasn’t the problem and how I could lose MASSIVE amounts of fat while still enjoying my life and eating all those mouth-watering delicious meals I was giving up.

Before I tell you what is actually causing you to be fat and how you can lose weight immediately – I must make sure you are completely convinced that diets don’t work. I don’t want you to waste your time with something that isn’t going to work, so please pay very close attention.

If calorie counting, pre-fab diet foods, gyms, strenuous workouts, super belts, diet pills, fad diets and drugs actually worked, you’d already have that body of your dreams. I tried all of those things and it got me nowhere – and I’m sure they haven’t worked for you either.

And I’m not just saying that because it didn’t work for me or you – but…
A recent study revealed that diets work for less that 10% of the people that use them. That’s an eye opener, isn’t it? That means 9 out of every ten people who try these diets fail to lose FAT all together. And that’s not all!

To add insult to injury…the majority of the TINY 10% who do lose weight, not only end up regaining the weight, but instead gain MORE than they had before they started!
That is how terrible the consequences of these diets are!
In fact – I believe diets should be banned by law. I can’t even fathom what the health consequences and costs are to our nation.

There are very few ”SURE” things in life.
But I am going to share one with you:
If you continue to diet, you will GAIN weight and KEEP it for the rest of your life!

So – now that we know dieting doesn’t work – Are you craving a big, juicy hamburger or steak or a pizza? What about that triple chocolate fudge cake, ice cream or your favorite desert? Do you love pasta in a creamy yummy sauce, stuffed potatoes with all the rich butter, sour cream and bacon bits? Well – you won’t have to give up any of those mouth-watering foods.
You’ll see how you can lose weight while enjoying, guilt free, whatever you eat.
Just keep paying attention.
You’re probably wondering how on earth I lost weight without giving up such delicious foods? Well to understand how, you need to learn a few things about the way our bodies work:

Our bodies are naturally INCLINED to stay healthy. We’ve just learned some bad habits that cause us to over-consume!
The first thing you need to understand is that Hunger is not a bad thing…

We’ve been told that we need to control our hunger because that is what makes us fat! But we get hungry for a reason and being hungry is a GOOD thing.
It’s our body’s way of signaling to us that we need food for energy. In its natural state the body only gets as hungry as the energy we need. It doesn’t ask for extra food.
So as long as we make sure we only have natural hunger and we do our best to make sure that natural hunger is consciously satisfied – we won’t over consume!

There are two big problems with hunger though…
The first big problem is that we don’t know how to PROPERLY satisfy our hunger – so we end up over-consuming! It’s like overfilling our gas tank with fuel.
You need to learn HOW to eat to ENSURE your hunger is being satisfied, so that you STOP EATING when your body no longer requires more.
Eating to satisfy hunger is an essential skill that most of us simply don’t have!
The second big problem with hunger is the UN-NATURAL hunger we have…
There is a big difference between ACTUALLY being hungry and THINKING we are hungry!

You see, when our body is dehydrated it wants water, and because food is one of the main sources for water – you begin to get hungry, ARTIFICIALLY, when you’re actually, just thirsty!

When we are STRESSED our bodies begin to have “Emotional Hunger”…
To simplify the science for you: food makes us happy and when we are sad, our body wants us to restore our mood – so it resorts to food for that.

These MISDIRECTED forms of hunger are what cause us to eat more food than what our body’s actually need!
You must ELIMINATE these MISDIRECTED forms of hunger by something other than food.
So you need to stay hydrated and reduce the stress in your life – otherwise you’ll keep eating when you aren’t ACTUALLY hungry.
Once you eliminate this MISDIRECTED hunger you – like me – will finally end up losing all that ugly fat – and begin to feel great about yourself.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay Jill, I get it – what you say makes sense. But how do I eliminate this “MISDIRECTED Hunger” and what exactly do I need to do to make sure I’m not just eating because I think I’m hungry?”
I’m glad you asked!!!
Because I am going to share with you…

  • The Simple Method to begin eliminating all the “MISDIRECTED Hunger” that has caused you to become fat in the first place.
  • The Secret Method of Eating that ensures you don’t get Fat – This Method alone will prevent you from gaining those extra pounds for the rest of your life!
  • The “Secret Mind Over Body” Technique that has been used by NASA astronauts and top management in large corporations to eliminate stress.

You Too Can Eliminate the Stress and The Fat Causing “Emotional Hunger” that accompanies it.
I’ll show you…

  • How to enjoy food more than you ever have – This One Little Trick will make food more fulfilling than it’s ever been before. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy eating, but you’ll only eat as much as your body needs.
  • How to Eliminate the Subconscious Habits that are causing you to over-consume and result in you eating far more than your body actually needs.
  • The Difference Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat – Why you should be focusing on Fat and not Weight.
  • How to “Reprogram” Your Mind to make these principles A Natural Habit – so that you hardly have to put in ANY EFFORT!

But most of all, I want to share with you a Powerful Integrated Method of ELIMINATING ALL THE reasons that you are getting FAT in the first place!
How? By introducing to you a complete step by step – easy to follow – fat loss program that allows you to get rid of all that UGLY FAT while allowing you to enjoy all the delicious foods you absolutely love. I designed this program ESPECIALLY for food lovers. For people, like you and me, who simply love to eat.

Here is the history of HOW the Smart Slim Solution came into existence:
I created the Smart Slim Solution System for myself by synthesizing the greatest ideas in fat loss because I was absolutely sick of failing to lose weight.
I implemented it and achieved life changing results.
Then I felt the need to share these findings with other people who are in a similar situation, so I published a book, “Lose Weight – Be Happy..the weight loss program for food lovers”.
The book was an over-night success!
Then I took the book off the market because I felt I needed to include essential additions that would go far beyond the format of a single book. I wanted to ensure that you get ALL that I discovered on my long journey to success.

Now, I’ve already told you I have no official qualifications – but I have lost fat myself – by using these very techniques.
I understand very well what it feels like to be fat and how the world looks down on you for being overweight. I was FAT and I created this for other people who are fat, so that they can get astonishing, long-lasting results – fast…

  • So that you can enjoy your favorite foods, with no guilt.
  • So that you can get rid of all that stress that is TAXING your body and causing you to have “Emotional Hunger”.
  • So that you can look your best once again and get all the attention you deserve.
  • So that you can believe in yourself and boost your confidence for a more successful career and more fulfilling relationships.

Here’s how it works:
The Smart Slim Solution consists of three sections.
The first section is “Getting Started”. It’s an overview and a summary of my complete program.

The second section is “THE KISS FORMULA – NO DIET – NO STRESS”.
This simple to follow section walks you through, step by step, on HOW to eat – so that you will enjoy your food immensely and only eat as much as your body needs. You will learn how to eliminate all the extra consumption that is causing you to grow fat!
I’ve created this section by synthesizing some of the most powerful fat loss concepts ever discovered. These principles have changed the lives of thousands of people and have been used, in part, by some of the most successful fat loss experts.
But they’ve given their clients only some of these secrets – you however – will get all of them!

In This Section You Will Learn:
Why people enjoy food and what you can do to get the full “Experience” of Eating – You will be shocked at how good food can taste!
You’ll see that this simple solution is far better than any complex diet, proven through experiments conducted by scientists, and a list of super simple rules that will completely change the way your body craves food.
I’ll show you the things to avoid doing when eating because they are robbing you of the “True Eating Experience” and how these distractions are causing you to eat way more than your body needs.
And that is just a tiny taste…

My promise to you, is that when you read this section and DO WHAT IT SAYS you’ll begin to see massive results – first in a large reduction in your hunger and then a large reduction in your fat.

And the third section, “Seven Easy Steps – Transforming Body and Mind”.
This is a powerful, but extremely easy to use, “mind reprogramming” system. It consists of seven fully described steps, based on relaxation techniques-somewhat related to self-hypnosis, to ensure you succeed in changing the way you consume!

The first six steps teach you how to relax in a way that most of you have never done – resulting in reduced stress and therefore eliminating the fat causing “Emotional Hunger” that you have.
All you have to do is follow the simple steps I’ll teach you – and you’ll be shocked at what “feeling relaxed” actually means.

By spending just 10 Minutes…twice a day…you can eliminated one of the main reasons that you are FAT…which is stress. That’s right. 20 minutes a day keeps the fat away.

This section of the program is built on the same principles used by some of the most prestigious institutions in the world to reduce stress in their employees. Institutions such as NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) have also used these techniques for their astronauts . As you practice, you’ll find that you’re more content with life and far more productive than you’ve ever been – by simply reducing or even eliminating the stress on your life.

After these life-changing six steps – the seventh step will make the “KISS” formula second nature to you. By programming these concepts into your mind, you will naturally begin to eat using the methods you will have already learned in the first section.
Along with losing fat you’ll learn how to REALY enjoy your food by eating properly and you’ll enjoy life more by eliminating all the stress that is depriving you of your energy and happiness!

You’ll no longer be embarrassed by the way you look or be judged by people about how you deal with your health!
You won’t be ashamed of yourself one bit and instead you’ll be more confident than you’ve ever been! With the Smart Slim Solution, this can all be achieved without having to put yourself through the torture normally associated with fat loss!

  • No calorie counting or expensive pre-fab diet foods
  • No time-consuming visits to the gym or strenuous workouts
  • No painful starvation, low carb or low fat diets
  • No depriving yourself of what you enjoy
  • No tasteless foods
  • No dangerous drugs

You’ll be losing fat week after week – while eating and enjoying (in a way you never have before) all the delicious foods you love – whenever you want.
Guilt Free! Stress Free!
Perfect, right?
But…wait there is even more!

I’m going to give you three powerful bonuses that will even take you beyond that!
Now these bonus programs are not necessary for the Smart Slim Solution to work.
You can do without them, but the first two help in your weight loss efforts, while keeping you healthy and rejuvenated.
The third bonus helps in an emergency. For example, when we have to shed the pounds fast before a big day or event – I didn’t want to leave you with no “express” route to fat loss.

The FIRST of the three ADDITIONAL BONUSES you’ll be getting is:
“Five Simple Exercises to Rejuvenate”.
This program will teach you, as the name suggests, 5 simple exercises that will compliment your weight loss, improve your health, boost your energy and make you look and feel younger than you’ve felt in years.
And they just take 20 minutes a day!
The nice thing is, you can do these exercises literally ANYWHERE. You don’t need a gym and you don’t need any equipment whatsoever! All you need is 20 minutes!
By investing these extra 20 minutes a day – you’ll feel rejuvenated and you’ll have more energy than you’ve had in a long, long time.

The SECOND of the three ADDITIONAL BONUSES you’ll be getting is:
“HEALTHIER EATING – for a longer life”.
This is also not necessary for fat loss (you don’t need it to see results) but you’ll probably live a longer and healthier life. This in depth report will clear up all the myths you’ve ever heard about what’s good and what’s bad to eat – and I’m sure you’ll be very surprised!

Eliminating just a few foods will significantly boost your health, energy and longevity. Also, if you’re like me and absolutely love food, this is NOT your typical healthy eating guide. It won’t tell you to get rid of all the foods you enjoy, but instead it will show you how you can keep eating most the foods you love while replacing the extremely unhealthy things with healthier (but equally tasteful) alternatives.

The THIRD of the three ADDITIONAL BONUSES you will be getting is:
A “Shocking News Report”:
“6 Odd Nutrients that KILL YOUR FAT”
This report reveals nutrients which helped participants lose 3X more weight than average in a clinical trial. The average weight loss of people who took this nutrient was 30 pounds in just three months.

This breakthrough clinical trial revealed that the participants that used this supplement had an 8X greater loss of waist girth- that’s the abdominal fat-than the placebo group!
I hope you heard that because its Ground-Breaking – 8 TIMES Greater Fat Loss on Your Waist…where you really don’t want it!
And I will show you PROOF to verify this exciting discovery.
Even the “Express” route won’t require you to give up your favorite foods – but you’ll be able to get the results you are looking for MUCH faster!

So, you get the Smart Slim Solution’s Three Modules and Three Additional High Value BONUSES…
But Wait— that’s STILL not all!

Because I know many of you will need some support – I’m going to give you a “by invitation only” Lifetime Membership to my Smart Slim Solution “members only” site.
There the complete program – as well as the 3 additional bonuses – are directly viewable and can easily be downloaded.
The membership site will be updated continuously with more valuable discoveries and insights that will help make your journey even easier and more successful!

OK, so you’re probably wondering, “How can I get started?”
How much for The Smart Slim Solution including “The KISS Formula-No Diet-No Stress” and the “Seven Easy Steps-Transforming Body and Mind”?
Plus the three high value ADDITIONAL BONUSES;
“Five Exercises to Rejuvenate” and
“HEALTHIER EATING for a longer life” and
the Important report, 6 ODD NUTRIENTS THAT KILL YOUR FAT?
AND ALSO a lifetime membership to the Smart Slim Solution so that you’ll NEVER regain that unwanted fat in the future..
Well before I tell you – let’s look at how much this is worth by considering the alternatives you have – so that you have something to compare the value too.

You could get a Gym Membership – try to work-out day and night – and even the most basic Gym would cost you a good $60 a Month.
Let’s say the strenuous work out somehow does work for you – you’ll still need a good 6 -12 months to get into shape – so you’ll spend AT LEAST $360 to $720 on it – plus you’ll have to work like a mule.
And we know, from past experience, how most gym going attempts have ended. Your motivation slowly dies and a few weeks into it you’ve gained more fat than you initially lost.
So what other alternatives do you have?

Of course, if you were really serious about it and lived somewhere you had access to one… you could hire a personal trainer to really push your limits and help you achieve your goals.
Even if you are among the lucky few who do end up finding a good personal trainer and you were paying even HALF the standard California or New York Rates of 150 dollars per session – you’d end up spending 75 dollars per session at three times a week, you’d be looking at 225 dollars for just one week!
If you were to somehow magically reach your goal in 3 months, that would cost you a whopping 2,700 bucks – and you’d have to resign yourself to someone else’s authority – and once again, work like a mule.

Instead – To make it easily affordable for everyone, I wanted to offer the Smart Slim Solution Program for Just 97 dollars.
But – in fact – I am going to reduce the price EVEN MORE FOR You to take action NOW.

You can get the Smart Slim Solution – along with the three high quality ADDITIONAL BONUSES – AND – the INVITATION ONLY Lifetime Membership for just 47 dollars!
YUP – Just 47!
That’s less than what it would cost you to JUST TRY OUT a local gym!
That’s way less than just one session with a Personal Trainer.
You CAN NOT lose – and I am going to take this one step further!

If you take action now, you’ll get a full, no questions asked 100%, 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with the Smart Slim Solution!
All you have to do is let me know, at any time during the 60 days after your purchase, that you are not satisfied and I’ll gladly refund your money, in full, no questions asked!
That’s how confident I am that you will love my program.
Not only that, but you can keep all the Material as a gift from me

Now, the risk is entirely mine, the price makes it a complete steal and you are moments away from beginning to change your life – forever!
So – what are you waiting for?

Hit the “Get Started Now” button below and Get Access Immediately!
No waiting – No Paperwork – No Appointments
You’ll have instant access so you waste absolutely no time in starting a new life for yourself.

Just in case you haven’t been able to keep track of ALL the AMAZING STUFF you are getting, here is a list:

  • The KISS Method of Eating, that will make food more enjoyable than it has ever been and in the process completely eliminates your over consumption!
  • The “7 Easy Steps” Part Of The Program, that will eliminate your stress and give you the tools you’ll need to fully incorporate the KISS Formula into your daily life!
  • The high quality “Five Exercises to Rejuvenate” Program that will provide you with exercises that you can do absolutely anywhere with no equipment and in just twenty minutes a day!
  • The highly researched “HEALTHIER EATING for a longer life” that will give you a complete education in the foods that are good for your long term health and the ones that aren’t.
  • The 6 Odd Nutrients that KILL YOUR FAT Report that will significantly speed up your Fat loss especially in the areas it looks The Ugliest!
  • An Invitation Only, Life Time Membership to the Smart Slim Solution so that you never regain that Ugly Fat once you’ve lost it-by staying up to date on the newest research.
  • A 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!
  • All for just 47 stupid Dollars!

So the choice is yours – are you going to take this RISK FREE chance – and change your life completely? Or are you going to continue…living a life…in which you don’t like the way you look, feel or are treated?
Take Action Now!
You have nothing to lose…except for your ugly fat.

You owe it to yourself to try it out – your body deserves a second chance – your confidence and self-esteem URGENTLY need the boost…and here’s the chance for it!
AND—The Risk is on me!
Now is the time to take action – Hit the “Get Started Now” Button below.


Remember, these same ideas have changed the lives of thousands of people and that’s why my book was an overnight success.
I’ve heard so many success stories from these people and I want to hear yours too!


So—Take Action Now—Hit the “Get Started Now” button…
Every moment waited is a moment wasted!

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side!